Relocation is a chance or an obstacle for the career growth of a top manager

The term relocation is a situational trend of 2020. Relocation is typical for companies from different business areas and does not depend on the size of the company. Specialists and managers are more often attracted with the relocation of companies from the sector, production, and retail. The need for relocation of top managers can be […]

What are business owners afraid of when hiring employees?

The key link in business is people. Or, to be more precise, the employees. How the company will work depends on their productivity and talent. The right people will lead the organization to prosperity and success, and the wrong people will derail the entire business. If you are looking for a top-level specialist, every mistake […]

Interview with the creators of HR-Breakfast

In everyday life, HR-Breakfast founders Anastasia Gurinovich, People & talent Specialist at Hypernova; Daria Bartashevich, Lead HRM at HQSoftware and Anastasia Tarasova, Head of HR at Akveo work in IT companies. We met and learned what the purpose of this community is, and what are the trends in the IT labor market. – How and […]

How to know if you need an executive director

At a certain stage of the company’s development, the business owner has faced the question of the need to hire an executive director. This is a difficult and risky decision. It is difficult for an owner who personally manages his company to transfer control to someone else. There is a fear that the involved manager […]

5 myths about leadership

Speakers, business coaches, strategic consultants, prophets and oracles, company directors and HR managers, aspiring owners, and vigorous startups are en masse to dress up in a leadership scheme that is presented as a panacea for building a successful business. There are many recommendations that a leader should inspire confidence, be sincere, truthful, diligent, understanding, inspiring, […]

Psychological portrait of a successful top manager

What are the personal qualities of a successful leader? Do only “good” people come to success? It’s time to take off the pink glasses from the TOP personality! Will the top manager from Japan, the USA, Germany, and Belarus differ? Of course. The reason is not only in mentality but also in adherence to different […]