Relocation is a chance or an obstacle for the career growth of a top manager

The term relocation is a situational trend of 2020. Relocation is typical for companies from different business areas and does not depend on the size of the company. Specialists and managers are more often attracted with the relocation of companies from the sector, production, and retail. The need for relocation of top managers can be caused by a narrow specialization or staff shortage in the region. Relocation is common in Europe, Russia, the United States, and other developed countries. Basically, such a measure is used if there are no top managers and narrow-profile specialists in the region that the company needs or the company cannot attract. It is also important to take into account that not every company can afford to “drag” a top manager, as this requires additional costs and time, and money.

Based on the practice of the Administrative Resource, we can note that the issue of relocation is relevant for the labor market. Both from the point of view of companies and candidates. Relocation can be within the country or external, outside of it.

For a company, attracting a top manager from another region is an opportunity to fill a vacancy with a qualified manager in case of a shortage of local staff. When the task is acute, it is necessary to find someone who will cope, by any possible means. It is important for the head of a company who is faced with the need to attract a top manager from another region to understand that people are going for interesting work, tasks, experience, acquaintances and, of course, money. And the leader must be ready to meet these parameters. Or one of the parameters should overlap the others.

relokaciya shans ili pregrada dlya karernogo rosta top menedzher


For a top manager, relocation is always a challenge, a challenge, and a risk. On the one hand, this is an opportunity to check what you are really worth, on the other, the fear of leaving your home and leaving. What distinguishes TOPs from line personnel is the ability to accept this challenge, take responsibility, and take risks.

When making such an important decision as relocation, it is important, to be honest with yourself and sort out all the pros and cons. And to understand which plus can outweigh even several minutes.


relokaciya shans ili pregrada dlya karernogo rosta top menedzher


What this opportunity promises for the top manager to whom it is offered:

Interesting/challenging tasks – acquiring new, often exclusive experiences. New experience means new career opportunities. This is an important strategic moment, like a long game. Who will you be as a specialist after two years of work in this position with this functionality? You need to honestly answer this question. If the number of potential employers increases in two years, feel free to draw a plus to possible relocation.

Increased income. We all work for money and money.

Burnout prevention. Everyone runs the risk of burning out, both specialists and TOPs. One of the options for rebooting and solving the problem of burnout can be relocation as a new professional challenge. A new company, a new team, and tasks, a new city.

In general, relocation for a top manager is a way to expand your own boundaries, change your assemblage points, and, often, to see new horizons for themselves, ways of development as a professional and as a person. And relocation for the Company is a way to effectively solve the tasks set for the business. This process is mutually beneficial and can greatly benefit both parties involved.

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