Candidate experience in recruiting

Gaining skilled workers through the Candidate Experience! The battle for applicants is becoming more and more difficult as the shortage of skilled workers increases. A wrong impression in the application process can already lead to an end for you as an employer. This is where the so-called candidate experience comes into play, which can give […]

Relocation is a chance or an obstacle for the career growth of a top manager

The term relocation is a situational trend of 2020. Relocation is typical for companies from different business areas and does not depend on the size of the company. Specialists and managers are more often attracted with the relocation of companies from the sector, production, and retail. The need for relocation of top managers can be […]

What are business owners afraid of when hiring employees?

The key link in business is people. Or, to be more precise, the employees. How the company will work depends on their productivity and talent. The right people will lead the organization to prosperity and success, and the wrong people will derail the entire business. If you are looking for a top-level specialist, every mistake […]